Due to the high demand in the national and international market, the Finca Mundo Nuevo, is updated constantly with harvest high end technology and applying plant protection and nutrition programs as well as own technics, which causes that ts products are from excellent quality.

Among the technologies adopted emphasizes the use of banana and plantain vitro plantlets as planting materials, because for us it was important to avoid the spread of diseases through the seed. The spread vitro plantlets under strict quality control, in a laboratory of plant tissue culture organized by the producers of the region. For scheduled plantings the best plants are selected.

The Finca Mundo Nuevo counts, through all the plantation, with a modern irrigation system by sprinkling, as well as a system of cablevia, that allows the transportation of the produce from its place of harvest to packing, by avoiding with it that is struck and mistreated.

Counting on a modern packing system equipped with selection bands, transporting bands of boxes, bathtubs, maduration cameras and cameras of precooled by forced air, these last ones used when the fruit is destined to the foreign market.

By means of a careful supervision in quality control, the fruit is selected and packed in cardboard packages of 40 Lbs (18,14 Kgrs) for the banana and of 50 Lbs. (22,60 Kgrs) for the plantain.

The characteristics of this quality control of will vary depending on the market towards where the fruit is destined: national or export.

At the moment, in the Finca Mundo Nuevo, three varieties different from fruit are cultivated: Great Dwarf or Great Dwarf, Valery and Plátano Macho (PLANTAIN).

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